Astell&Kern has released a new version of its flagship Hi-Fi player AK380 in a copper casing

Astell&Kern AK380 Copper Hi-Fi-player In February 2016, Korean brand Astell&Kern introduced a new version of its flagship Hi-Fi-player AK380, made in a copper case – AK380 Copper. This premium player plays digital music up to an impressive 32-bit 384kHz encoding, features an accurate 20-band parametric equalizer and supports DSD files up to 5.6 MHz.

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Astell&Kern engineers are constantly experimenting with the materials of their products. Stainless steel has given players unshakable durability. Aluminum material used in aircraft construction – the necessary stiffness and light weight. Aluminium for extra durability. Now it’s time for copper.

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This metal was not chosen by chance, because it can serve not only as a “medium of music transmission”, but also as an “instrument” itself. Copper, as an alloy with tin, nickel or zinc is used as a raw material for wind instruments, which are the centerpiece of an orchestra. These musical instruments transmit deep and heavy sounds through copper alloy pipes.

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Copper is also the second most electrically conductive metal after silver. With such superior electrical conductivity and shielding performance the AK380 Copper is able to reproduce sound differently than the standard duralumin AK380. We’re sure audiophiles will take great interest in the new sound of Astell&Kern’s flagship player.

The new Astell&Kern AK380 Copper Hi-Fi player goes on sale this week.

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