ASCOLI: low-cost refrigerators with the Italian charm

Walking through the white goods aisles in a large shopping center, I noticed the refrigerators


Large and inexpensive. It came close. Plastic does not smell, the shelves are reliable, the design is very good. I decided to find out more about the company which represents these refrigerators, their production, service and prospects.

ASCOLI refrigerators

I asked my questions to Ruslan Voloshkin, director of business development in the regions of America and the CIS at Ascoli Kitchen Systems.

What is ASCOLI


“BT”: What is ASCOLI brand??

Ruslan Voloshkin: ASCOLI brand is a brand belonging to Magic Cooling, a fast-growing corporation, which has become one of the leading manufacturers of large household appliances in China over the twenty years of its history.

ascoli production

“BT”: What is the history of Magic Cooling?

Ruslan Voloshkin: More than 40 years ago the modernization of China’s economy began, and one of the most important tasks was to attract foreign investments and advanced technologies from abroad. International industrial parks, officially designated as Special Economic and Technological Development Zones, have emerged and successfully developed in major cities.

In g. Hefei was created as an Italian industrial cluster, where the MAGIC LTD corporation, in cooperation with foreign partners, launched its own production of household refrigerators.

ascoly production

For over 20 years MAGIC LTD has been developing and producing the top quality refrigeration equipment without ceasing to improve its technology and putting much money into development and modernisation of production.

ascoli refrigerators

  • Since 2012, the company Magic is a partner of SANYO /Whirlpool in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Hefei to develop a line of refrigerators combi with energy efficiency class A ++ and a range of microwave ovens.
  • In 2014 a new plant was opened to produce household refrigerators with the TOTAL FROST FREE system full NO FROST .
  • The company pays special attention to the development of the built-in appliances, being one of the two largest manufacturers of built-in household refrigerators in the People’s Republic of China.


“BT”: What does ASCOLI represent on the American market and why should the customer choose your product??

ASCOLI refrigerators

Ruslan Voloshkin: Today the American market has a huge range of refrigerators of different trademarks, but ASCOLI is a brand which has its own production.

Leading Italian designers and engineers work hard to create ASCOLI appliances.

And as a result ASCOLI is:

  • Own production facilities,
  • European style, design and quality,
  • high quality assembly,
  • quality components,
  • Multilevel quality control system at each stage of assembly,
  • Wide model range that can satisfy the requirements and wishes of the most demanding customer.

ASCOLI freezers

“BT”: Tell us more about the assortment?

Ruslan Voloshkin: The model range of ASCOLI refrigerators is represented by:

  1. single-door refrigerators,
  2. two-door refrigerators with top freezer,
  3. Wide 70 cm two-door refrigerators with bottom freezer,
  4. Side-by-side models,
  5. multi-door refrigerators,
  6. French doors – hinged doors at the refrigerator compartment and a pull-out freezer at the bottom,
  7. built-in refrigerators.

ASCOLI four-door

In 2020, the designers and engineers of the Italian branch of the company developed a line of built-in appliances ASCOLI, which received the highest customer feedback and the range is constantly growing.

In 2020 we are offering our customers new models of refrigerators including those with inverter compressor.

ASCOLI refrigerators

“BT”: could you tell us in more detail what the ASCOLI refrigerators are?

ASCOLI combi

Ruslan Voloshkin: First of all it is the modern design, harmony of style, convenience and quality.

Production, like many others, is located in China, but all development and quality control is carried out by Italian engineers. All products meet the highest European requirements.

“BT”: What technologies are used in?

ASCOLI products

Ruslan Voloshkin:

  • TOTAL FROST FREE technology – no need to defrost.
  • MULTI AIR FLOW – stable temperature on all the shelves. You don’t have to wonder which shelf will be cooler or warmer for your food. The same temperature is maintained in all the corners of the refrigerated compartment everywhere.
  • ION+ air ionization system prevents the development of bacteria so that the food stays fresher for longer.
  • SUPER FRESH Super Freeze – the freezers are set to -24°C for rapid freezing. Thanks to this, more vitamins and nutrients are preserved in the products. Switching over to the food storage mode -18°C in some models is done automatically after 24 hours.
  • LED lighting – bright lighting inside, you will see products even in the farthest corners of large shelves.
  • 3D AIR FLOW – blowing in three projections in the Side-by-Side refrigerators and multi-door models.
  • One Touch LED touch screen display – it is convenient and easy to control the temperature modes of the refrigerators.

ASCOLI noise level

“BT”: And what materials and components are used??

ASCOLI refrigerators

Ruslan Voloshkin: All materials are safe for food storage.

Glossy plastic with antibacterial coating does not absorb odors, it is easy to wash and in the process of use it will not lose its appearance.

The shelves of the refrigerating compartment are made of the high-strength glass with the metal frame. Each is capable of carrying a load of up to 25 kg.

Removable anti-bacterial seal around the door perimeter. It allows to keep clean and bacteria do not grow on it.

Ozone friendly filler is used in the thermal insulation. It is both environmentally friendly and convenient because it frees up more internal space the internal volume in refrigerators is larger.

ASCOLI thermal insulation

Where to buy in America

“BT”: Who presents ASCOLI refrigerators on American market??


Ruslan Voloshkin: In the American market the official exclusive representative of the ASCOLI brand is Ascoli Kitchen Systems Ltd.

Our company policy is aimed at partner relations in business and achievement of mutual results. Our partners are large federal and regional companies, long represented on the American market of household appliances.

We offer the American consumer a high-tech products of premium quality at very attractive prices.

Service is carried out through a network of service centers located in every corner of our vast country.

The warranty period for refrigerators and chest freezers is 24 months from 2020.

ASCOLI grapes

We are confident in the quality of ASCOLI equipment and therefore we increased the warranty period starting from 2020 in order to let the customers know that they are buying high-quality refrigerators at the lowest price.

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