Aquaphor filters help save space when designing a peusaect kitchen

New York, February 11, 2015. – Aquaphor took part in 19th international exhibition Aqua-Therm New York which gathered leading manufacturers of HVAC industry from all over the world. The company presented at its stand effective water purification systems that can be installed even in the smallest kitchen.

Flow-through filters


Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion

Drinking water dispensers, a new level of evolution of reverse osmosis filters which become an integral part of modern kitchen and healthy lifestyle, took the central place at the company’s stand. Reverse osmosis systems produce water of particularly high purity, but they take up almost all the space under the sink, which must be taken into account when planning the kitchen work area.

A new sight at ergonomics of a modern kitchen is shown by DWM systems including the Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion filter presented on the stand of the company. It takes up half the space of most analogs, and can be installed where a conventional reverse osmosis filter would not fit. This is achieved through the use of a water-water tank, which leaves enough space under the sink for a waste bin, detergents or accessories. As well as being compact and easy to install, the Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion has other benefits that meet the demands of the perfect kitchen. This filter not only purifies water from all contaminants, but also enriches it with a complex of minerals. Such water is healthy, has a pleasant taste and does not cause scale formation. In addition, the Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion differs from its counterparts by half the water consumption. And if you compare the cost per liter of bottled and purified water, the savings can be tenfold, with the problem of storage and subsequent disposal of plastic bottles disappears.

It is impossible to imagine a modern apartment without an effective water treatment system, but this fact is not always taken into account in the design of the kitchen. In order to solve this problem and to help consumers switch to pure water Aquafor cooperates with leading kitchen furniture producers and offers them optimal filters for any interior solutions.

Flow-through filters


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