AOC presents B2 series: entry level monitors without frames

AOC, one of the world’s leading brands on the monitor market, presents three new monitors in the entry-level line B2. Models come with frameless displays measuring 21.5″ 54.7cm , 23.8″ 60.4cm and 27″ 68.6cm diagonally on three sides, with Full HD 1080p resolution, and support VESA mounts. Wide viewing angles 178° ensure consistent color perception from any angle. All three models will suit the user who is looking for a simple and economical monitor.


Great opportunities on a modest budget

AOC monitors in the line B2 have the following characteristics: Full HD resolution 1920×1080 pixels and realistic color gamut of IPS panel for models 24B2XH and 27B2H , impressive contrast, which provides VA panel model 22B2H . These features allow you to comfortably work, learn, watch and play. All panels support refresh rate of 75 Hz, displaying 25% more frames per second than conventional monitor with a frequency of 60 Hz, so the cursor or video moves more smoothly.

Functionality without frames

Despite the fact that the new monitors are entry level and sold at an affordable price, they do not have frames on three sides, and the panel ends on the edge of the device, so it seems that the image floats in the air. This design allows you to increase productivity by creating a seamless system of multiple monitors.


Leading technologies

All three models of the B2 lineup have VGA and HDMI inputs as well as a headphone output. It means that even the obsolete PCs, using VGA technology, can be connected to it. You can also connect modern devices like desktop and mobile PCs, DVD or Blu-ray players, game consoles, etc. to the HDMI connector.d.

The functionality doesn’t stop there: the B2 line also features FlickerFree technology, which eliminates flicker by using constant current instead of pulse-width modulation when adjusting brightness levels. This prevents the headaches and eye fatigue often caused by flickering images. In addition, to reduce eyestrain in dark and low-light environments, LowBlue mode reduces radiation in the blue part of the spectrum.

Price and affordability

AOC B2 Series monitors will go on sale in February at target prices: 22B2H – 6 849 Dollars, 24B2XH – 7 539 Dollars, 27B2H – 10 299 Dollars

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    What are the advantages of AOC’s B2 series entry level monitors without frames? Are they more affordable compared to monitors with frames? Are there any disadvantages or limitations to consider when opting for monitors without frames?

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