AOC introduces four new curved gaming monitors with 165Hz refresh rates

AOC, one of the world’s leading brands in the monitor market, will add four new curved monitors to its popular G2 line. Among the new models, there are C24G2AE and C24G2U with a diagonal of 60.5 cm 23.8 inches , and C27G2AE and C27G2U with a diagonal of 68.6 cm 27 inches . All four new monitors feature VA panels with Full HD resolution and 1500R curvature radius, support AMD FreeSync Premium, 165 Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT response time and built-in speakers 2x2W . Models coded AE will suit gamers looking for an affordable, no-frills device on a slanted stand, while U models feature a height adjustable stand and USB 3 hub.2 With four ports for more ergonomics and flexibility.


More than just a curve

The AOC G2 lineup gained popularity among gamers immediately after its launch last fall thanks to its attractive price point and well-balanced features. Today the series gets a new addition: four new curved models with 165Hz refresh rate. They all feature thin bezels with subtle red accents, making them perfect, modern-looking partners for the gamer.

Monitors are equipped with contrast VA panels native contrast ratio 3000:1 for 24-inch models and 4000:1 for 27-inch . The combination of vibrant colors, high refresh rate and 1500R curvature creates an incredible immersive experience. Its 178°/178° viewing angles ensure minimal distortion of colors and contrast when viewed from an angle. What’s more, when used in a multi-monitor configuration, the thin faceplates and curvature of the devices allow for a seamless, ultra-wide system, perfect for simulation or racing.


High-speed panel with fast response

A few years ago gaming monitors with refresh rate of 144 Hz have become the standard for most gamers. New AOC models raise that standard by offering a 165Hz refresh rate. With native Full HD resolution, gamers won’t need the highest-end graphics cards to achieve 165 FPS in most modern games. AMD FreeSync Premium support enables the use of variable refresh rate technology to match GPU frame rates to panel refresh rates, eliminating the jerks or lags caused by V-Sync. All four new models, both 24-inch and 27-inch, are equipped with the option of MBR Motion Blur Reduction , which reduces response time to 1 ms MPRT. Thanks to Low Input Lag mode on all models, user actions will be displayed on the screen without any artifacts or delays.


Flexible Capabilities

The models C24G2U 24 inch and C27G2U 27 inches are equipped with an additional feature which certainly will be appreciated by gamers. Both devices are equipped with stand with adjustable height, tilt and swivel. This allows the user to mount the monitor in the most comfortable position for long gaming sessions. Four USB 3 hub ports.2 make it easy to connect peripherals, including keyboard, mouse, and headset, and provide a high-speed data connection up to 20 Gbps .

Nevertheless, not every gamer is interested in such extra features. Some people just like to play on a great panel, especially when using a separate stand, such as the AOC AD110D0 dual monitor bracket. The 24-inch C24G2AE and 27-inch C27G2AE are designed for this particular audience, which is inclined to the idea of a “high-quality panel at a better price”. Quick assembly feature makes it easy to install and remove the device without using a screwdriver, including the ability to mount the monitor on the VESA mount thanks to the 100 mm x 100 mm holes.

All four models are equipped with physical buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen and G-Menu software for setting control via the on-screen menu. These settings are very extensive and include gaming functions: six presets for games three of which are user adjustable , Dial Point crosshairs on the screen for easier targeting , Game Color to adjust color saturation and improve image detail and so on. In addition, the monitors are equipped with Flicker-Free and Low Blue modes to ensure comfortable viewing and minimize eyestrain.

Price and availability

AOC C24G2AE, C27G2AE, C24G2U and C27G2U monitors will go on sale in September 2020 at an estimated price of 16,129, 21,809, 17,749 and 23,429 Dollars respectively.

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