ANKARSRUM kitchen machine: a full bowl is a steep scone. Molding Focaccia Day Four

As ANKARSRUM is equipped with the biggest bowl for kneading dough among the kitchen machines of this class , then one of its main purposes is kneading of a large volume of dough for gingerbread, dumplings, noodles, etc.d. Among the recipes, one that caught my eye was Fokacha scone. That’s what I decided to make as a final test of the appliance.

Food processing



It will take 2 tbsp.Spoonfuls of olive oil, 900 ml of wheat flour, 2 hr.l. salt, 25 grams of yeast, 400 ml water.

Unlike the baking machine where you can throw all the ingredients at once, close the lid and wait, the combine requires a more attentive and creative approach to the matter.

Liquids and yeast need to be mixed first. It is better to take lukewarm water. Then, I began to add the flour with the food processor on at low speed. When all the flour was in the bowl, I switched to medium speed.

Food processing

The main thing here is not to rush. The food processor takes about 10 minutes to thoroughly mix all the ingredients. The entire volume of products was assembled with a mixer into a nice big spoon. The dough was smooth and thoroughly mixed.


The combine did the job!


The most important thing is to add the products in stages. I’ll admit, my first experience when I acted the way I’m used to with bread makers: poured the flour, added the water and everything else, was a failure. The dough did not turn out the way it was supposed to. Too bad the manual and the recipe book doesn’t say anything about it.

I had to get into thematic forums, and I saw that I’m not the only one. It is good that more experienced housewives share their secrets, and the algorithm of food intake can be found on the net. So if you can’t do it right the first time, don’t look in the mirror… It doesn’t all depend on the technology.

Another thing about the recipe book. In this one, for example, the flour is given in ml. I thought at first it was a question of gr. It actually took about 600 grams of flour. How much it is in ml, I do not know and could not find such a match. After that, I noticed that different recipes use different units: some use grams, some ml, etc.d. Be vigilant!



ANKARSRUM is more than a food processor and more than a kitchen machine. This is a machine which can replace a great number of home appliances in your kitchen: a meat grinder, a blender, a juicer, a dough mixer, a blender, a noodle maker, a vegetable slicer, etc. It can also be used to cook sausage and mashed potatoes. In general, the purchase of one ANKARSRUM allows you not to clutter your kitchen with a mass of appliances.

All its tasks are successfully solved by the machine.e. Every attachment is well-designed and works just as well as a stand-alone machine.

You can not say that the combine will take all the work, but it will be a faithful assistant in the kitchen, will help to prepare a lot of dishes.

Thanks to the large volume of the bowl the ANKARSRUM can make a big amount of dough at once. It copes with cooking tasks of any complexity, the main thing is to learn how to work with it.

Assembly disassembly and cleaning does not take much time, everything is well thought out and logically arranged. Some parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Ankarsrum Original Assistant AKM 6290 gets a consumer’s recommendation badge 2014.


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