Amazfit did extensive research and came to the conclusion that Americans do too little sport

Amazfit, one of the world’s leading brands in the wearable device market, found out how physically active American users of Amazfit Bip, Neo, T-Rex, Stratos and first and second generation GTR and GTS series smart watches are.


The company Huami, which owns the brand Amazfit, collected and analyzed anonymous data on the sports activity and heart rate of 1 254 340 American users. The smart watch records workout results from 50 to 90 built-in sport modes and displays the data in the Zepp mobile app, to which all the brand’s gadgets are linked. It increases the motivation and effectiveness of exercise. Users can track their daily physical activity and keep it high for health and longevity.

Expectation and reality

“Physical activity contributes to the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, improves thinking, learning and critical evaluation skills,” say World Health Organization experts. – Up to 5 million deaths a year could be prevented if the world’s population were more physically active.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO , an adult needs at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, and the intensity of exercise should vary.5. It is about brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and also about running and aerobics.

At the same time, the data obtained by Amazfit showed that Americans are not actively involved in sports: the total duration of exercise per week is less than the WHO recommended norm. The most popular sport in America is walking – it is preferred by more than a third of Amazfit smart watch users.

According to Amazfit, in America the average length of a workout in June 2021 was 1 hour and 7 minutes, and that figure has barely changed since the beginning of the year. And Americans on average exercise 1.85 times a week. This means that the average resident of the country spends about 124 minutes a week exercising.

The most popular sports among Amazfit device users in the American Federation:

● walking – 34.8%

● cycling outdoors – 27%

● running indoors – 7%

Swimming in the pool is 6%.

These findings correlate with the results of a recent VCIOM survey released in April 2021. Lack of moderate to vigorous physical activity is a major cause of many pathologies. A sedentary lifestyle leads to heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression and other serious illnesses.


Advice from the experts

“In order for all organs and systems to function adequately, humans simply need movement! You don’t have to go to the gym for that. You just need to analyze your standard day to see how you can make it more physically active.”Victoria Starosvetskaya, cardiologist and member of the European Society of Cardiology, notes. And recommends simple healthy habits that just need to be introduced into your routine to maintain your health:

● Walking or biking from home to the office

Get out for a run at least a couple of times a week

● if you have to drive to work, park away from the office

● walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator

● Choose cafes far from the office at lunchtime and take a walk after a meal

Take 3-5 minute breaks after each hour of work to warm up and walk down the hallway.

In the process, it is important to monitor your physical condition, which is always ready to help Amazfit smartwatches. They will keep a record of the activity and provide data on the results. Amazfit will continue to study metrics reported anonymously by the brand’s portable gadgets to help users lead healthy lifestyles and take care of their bodies.

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