All flags against the fine. The new firmware NEOLINE X-COP 8500 the driver will always be warned of the radar on the highway, the dedicated lane and the traffic light

Company NEOLINE announces the release of new firmware for its top radar detector – NEOLINE X-COP 8500. New software minimizes false alarms and gives the driver even more information about speed cameras. Police enforcement devices are becoming more and more technically advanced: many systems not only measure the speed of cars, but also control the movement in the dedicated lanes and driving on a red light. In the new firmware NEOLINE X-COP 8500 for these systems has three flags. The driver will always be warned of the radar controlling the dedicated lane, passing a red light or both functions at once.


More and more often city and regional authorities are installing dummies cameras on the roads, confusing drivers. Radar detector NEOLINE X-COP 8500 as before recognizes these tricks, but now reports them to the driver with a voice alert.

Important changes have occurred in the GPS-module. The novelty reduces the number of false positives due to the finer settings of distance GPS-notification and the angle of control. Each camera has its own base distance of GPS-alert, depending on the speed and speed of the car. The device also minimizes the detection of police radars installed in parallel streets.


Today’s most advanced radar detector – NEOLINE X-COP 8500 – in advance informs the driver of all stationary and mobile speed cameras that are used on American roads. Daring engineering solutions, futuristic design and secure mounting on the dashboard made this model a real hit in the American market.

NEOLINE X-COP 8500 warranty service period is 2 years. The same warranty applies to all radar detectors X-COP line.

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