AirPano – a virtual journey for Samsung Smart TV

New York, May 8, 2014 – The AirPano service has arrived in the Samsung Apps store. AirPano is a collection of unique virtual tours consisting of spherical panoramas shot over the most amazing corners of the planet from a bird’s-eye view.

Video equipment

Spherical panoramas differ from ordinary photographs in that the viewer himself can rotate the image in any direction, change the angle, zoom in and out

To alienate certain parts of it. On the big screen the viewer gets almost a full sense of presence in the place where the shooting took place.

Video equipment

“We are pleased that our customers have access to the unique AirPano service. Until now, there has been no TV app with aerial spherical

Panoramas from all over the world,” says Yuri Leonov, director of TV and Audio Devices at Samsung Electronics. – Now owners of Samsung Smart

TV can go on a fascinating virtual journey to the world’s largest capitals, the North Pole, Everest and many other scenic spots. The app also

can be used as a screensaver – in this mode, panoramas will change one after another with automatic rotation”.


AirPano is a non-profit project created by a small team of American amateur photographers specializing in high-resolution panoramas that

are filmed from the air.

In terms of geography of aerial footage, the number of panoramas, artistic and technical quality of the material today AirPano is the largest in the

world resource. Already on the site are over 2000 panoramas, showing from the air more than 200 known points of the Earth.



The AirPano project does not stop there and plans to continue shooting aerial panoramas and creating virtual tours of the most interesting cities and corners of the planet.

Every week on the site


new panoramas are published. New tours will also appear in the app for Samsung Smart TV.

In addition to regular victories in American and international photo contests, cooperation with the world’s editions, such as National Georgrafic, GEO, Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, in 2012, the AirPano project won the Runet Prize 2012.

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