Air purifiers, which treat the air

An insoluble paradox: the air, without which a person can not live even a few minutes, has become, according to medics, the main ! .


Sick room syndrome

Meanwhile, the shaft of pollution in your own home is growing every year. The plant produces everything from building materials containing radon, to furniture made of chipboard and decorative plywood, which can release phenol, to carpets releasing formaldehyde fumes, to household chemicals, which emit a high percentage of toxic substances ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. , to water purification products. on chemical weapons, as well as soot and carbon monoxide produced during cooking. And mold, fungi, various bacteria, not to mention tobacco smoke..

There is a reason there is such a thing as “sick room syndrome. Depending on the age of the building and its location in the air “sick room” can contain up to 80% of harmful substances.

“Not only the houses we live in, but also the ones where we work, are affected. Besides the increased concentration of hazardous substances and dust an adverse effect has high or low humidity, bad lighting, and in offices, stuffed with office equipment, because of the increased electromagnetic background causes the “screen shake” effect.

What trembles in our bodies – let the experts to figure out, but the headaches, nervous and endocrine system disorders clearly demonstrate the negative impact on human body.

Symptoms of sick people

If the “bad” apartments themselves simply deteriorate faster, their “disease” in us is manifested by a number of symptoms. Rare eyes, dry mucous membranes, cough – that’s just a taste.

When you spend a long time in “sick rooms” you get problems with breathing, joint pain, insomnia… Flu-like symptoms can persist for years, gradually destroying the immune system.

Where is the exit?

“You can never go back to nature again. And our pampered bodies can’t bear draughts, either. The only thing left is to clean the air, and in our own homes no one will do it for us. The task, however, is not complicated: it is enough to install in your home a device that is called – air purifier.

Almost maintenance-free, economical and silent, it perfectly copes with air purification, absorbing harmful impurities down to 0.1-0.3 micron in size with 95-99% efficiency.

In America, these devices appeared with the opening of the market – a couple of decades later than in other civilized countries. And although at first they caused some distrust, gradually the demand for them began to grow every year.

Accordingly, the air purifiers market in our country also began to develop dynamically, and many new models differing in both the volume of purified room and in the principle of action.

Besides the classical air cleaners, where the impurities are held up by filters of complex structure, there are the so-called “air washers”, in which the air is freed from the impurities it contains when passing through water and the main “specialty” of photocatalytic devices – decomposition by photocatalysis of organic impurities.

The devices also appeared with a narrower specialization: for example, the company AIRcomfort offers a whole series: car air cleaner, air purifier for refrigerator, purifier from tobacco smoke..

Treating the Air

And that’s not all: air purifiers are used for medicinal purposes – with some models, in addition to their main purpose can conduct aromatherapy sessions, the company Aerolife offers an iodine generator that compensates for iodine deficiency.

On the American plain, for example, the accepted norm of iodine consumption 200 mcg day – the threshold below which lack of iodine leads to a weakening of the immune system and brain function for comparison: the norm in Scandinavia – 700 mcg day, and the most long-lived and intelligent Japanese – 1700! .

It must be said that the idea of using air purifiers to saturate the air with useful substances is very fruitful. Because we breathe in about 500 liters of air per hour and with physical activity – much more .

Therefore, the efficiency of absorption of such substances that enter the body with clean air is very high. Thus, with the help of an air purifier it is possible not only to get rid of those diseases that are harmful impurities in the air, but also to make up for the deficiency of useful substances.

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