Air purifier Korting KAP800N: protection for your health always on guard

In our office we have a new employee, who has the most responsible task – to care about the health of “his colleagues. The air purifier was required not long ago, in connection with the move to another office, where there were slightly more employees. Undoubtedly, the purpose of the air purifier is to clean indoor air from particulates, odors, bacteria and viruses, which are now “walking” around the city, which became very relevant to us at the end of last year.

When choosing we paid attention only to the most important criteria:

– A room of 20 sq.m.meters

– Ionization of the air is a must

– Quiet in operation so as not to interfere with the work process

– the air purifier performance

– air purification quality

– easy to operate there are many employees, but everyone has to understand .

It was not difficult to choose a model, given the capabilities of the Internet, we found the following applicants for the position of “responsible for health” on our request:

Climate control equipment

Ionization function appeared in all models, so what do they do?? – Ionizers reduce the degree of oxygen vacuum in the room, which is most important when working with a computer for a long time and watching TV. The air ionizer produces negatively charged ions anions , while the stale used air contains more positive ions cations .

Argumentation of manufacturers of air ionizers boils down to the fact that cleaner air contains more anions in nature, especially in the mountains, forests, near waterfalls .

Harmful substances, bacteria and allergens according to their claim are positively charged, and therefore attract anions produced by ionizers form small clusters of particles, thus becoming weighted and falling down – that is, can no longer get into human lungs and become pathogens.

After comparing all the “resumes” of the models that interested us, we unanimously agreed on two models Korting KAP800N and Bork A700. But after reviewing the price tags of the device 11 890 Dollars and 19 990 Dollars , as well as the accessories filter replacement for Korting – 1,300 Dollars, and for Bork – 2500 Dollars , the winner of the casting was KAP800N.

Interesting design, multistage filtration, very low noise level, user-friendly control panel and the price strongly outweighed the arguments of the competitors!!!

How does it filter?

Multistage filtration system with four filters including three interchangeable filters: Antibacteria, HEPA, Carbo.

A special sensor makes sure that the filters are in the optimal condition for the operation of the device. If the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, the corresponding color of the filter change will light up on the panel.

Color indication shows the level of polluted air from red to neon blue.

There are three operating speeds.

Built-in air ionizer Plazma saturates the air with charged particles, which contributes to more intense cleaning of the air from dust and odors.

There is an automatic mode in which the device itself sets the speed of airflow, based on the level of contamination of the air. There is also a night mode, but we do not use it in the office turned on a couple of indulgences , it suits apartments.

And with the remote control you can have full control over the entire room.


* remote control and control panel

Besides the remote control itself, which displays the entire control panel, the model KAP800N has a special compartment for its storage, we call it among ourselves “anti-lost” – the last person who leaves, he takes away the remote there. Also features convenient carrying handle to fit around the room and cable storage compartment. Front panel is fastened from above on magnets, for easy removal of filters for replacement or cleaning.

Extra.filters: KIT KAP800 Antibacteria, KIT KAP800 HEPA, KIT KAP800 Carbo

Air Conditioning Equipment

No disadvantages or shortcomings have not yet noticed, we use it since about October last year, has not yet asked to replace the filters.


air exchange

Noise level, dBcontrol is

indication of filter pollution

Power Consumption

Philips AC 4004

Pre-cleaner, HEPA filter, photocatalytic, charcoal

30 kv.m 155 cu.m/hour42 dBelectronic yes40 W
Korting KAP800Pre-filter, HEPA filter, photocatalytic, charcoal filter28 sq.m 240cc.m/hour26 dBelectronic, remote control is40W
Redmond RAC-3703HEPA-filter, photocatalytic, carbon25 sq.m 300 cubic meters.m/h46 dBelectronic yes60W
Toshiba CAF-C3K-RHEPA filter, charcoal filter26 sqm.meters 205 cubic meters.m/h42 dBelectronic/each63 W
AirSonic SX-328Pre-cleaner, HEPA filter, photocatalytic, carbon30 sqm.m 120 cu. m.m/hour44 dBelectronic, remote control yes50 watt
Bork A700 AP RIH 3031Pre-filter, HEPA filter, electrostatic, carbon35 qts.m 310kub.m/hr18 dBelectronic, remote control –38 W
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