Air cleaner with humidification and ionization functions HISENSE ECOLIFE AE-33R4BNS

With the onset of cold weather, and therefore the heating season, we pay even more attention to the quality of indoor air, where we work and rest. Heaters in the room contribute to dehumidifying the air.

Therefore, let’s start testing HISENSE ECOLIFE AE-33R4BNS not with the main function, but with an additional function – humidification and air ionization.

Built-in water tank with a capacity of 2 liters. Inside it has a drum with filter elements. Air blown by a fan enters the cabinet and there rotates the drum that captures the particles of water. Thus each section is wetted and the air on its surface evaporates and comes out humidified.

Conventional washers that are not built into the air purifier clean the air using a water filtration system, the dust settles in the reservoir.

Air purification:

Air washers

This model has nanometric water ionization function not air! is an original technology developed by Japan’s Panasonic. Under the influence of high voltage electrostatic charge is created, under the influence of which charges of nanoscale particles of atomized water are formed. NANOE particles, unlike ordinary ions, retain many times more moisture and have a longer life cycle, which helps humidify the air more effectively. You just have to press the “nanoe” button to activate the function.


“You know that feeling – the air after a thunderstorm, after the first spring downpour, which will wash away not only the dirt and dust, but also the feeling of fatigue after winter? It is autumn in our house, but it is spring!”

“We had a small ionizer before. It only picked up dust effectively and smelled like ozone, but it didn’t have that clean and fresh feeling. I was skeptical that the HISENSE ECOLIFE AE-33R4BNS has ionization, to be honest. It really cleans and humidifies the air perfectly, so why should anything else? But after trying this function ionization , I was convinced that Japanese technology works.”.


Price: 21990 Dollars.


  • Air purification – 380 m³ per hour,
  • Humidification – 500 ml/hr.

The area of the room: up to 40m ².

Noise level: from 23 dB low fan speed to 48 dB maximum speed .

Dimensions: 433h312h638 mm.

Weight: 10.5 kg.

Lifetime: 5 years.

The country of manufacture: China.

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