AeroCool Introduces F5XT Backlit Fan Controller

New York, November 27, 2015. – AeroCool Advanced Technologies AAT , the world’s leading manufacturer of computer cases, power supplies, accessories and peripherals, introduces the F5XT in 5.25″ form factor. Jack allows you to control up to 5 fans simultaneously and is useful for owners of fast gaming computers.

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AeroCool F5XT Fan Controller

Cases for gamer configurations and multimedia workstations typically contain multiple fans that orchestrate airflow around the hottest components. At the same time high performance cooling system is needed only when playing games or working in the most demanding programs. AeroCool F5XT controller will help to forget about the sounds of built-in coolers during evening internet browsing.

The novelty is assembled in a 5.25-inch form factor and is suitable for installation in any modern cases. Six vertical controllers on controller front panel. The first one is needed to choose backlight color blue, red, mixed, switching off backlight , the rest are used to adjust fan speeds three speed modes and full shutdown . The device is not only functional, but also looks attractive.

Included with the AeroCool F5XT controller comes with wires for connecting five fans. The novelty is already on sale at a tentative price of 1250 Dollars.

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