AeroCool CS-1101 for a stylish office

New York, February 29, 2016. – AeroCool Advanced Technologies AAT , one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PC cases, power supplies, accessories and peripherals, is introducing a new corporate series – CS-1101 universal case of Mid Tower format. Strict but sleek black case is suitable for the assembly of almost any type of systems.

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AeroCool CS-1101 case for a stylish office

The notion of office computers as weak tools for simple applications is a thing of the past. Manipulation of graphics and video, stock reports, and massive databases requires high performance. Yet versatility, flexibility and attractive design are still among the top demands of B2B customers. The new AeroCool CS-1101 is designed specifically for modern offices, because it can be used to assemble a computer for almost any task.

The 0.4 mm thick steel case looks impressive and reliable. Front panel successfully combines matte and glossy inlays to stand out from traditionally faceless corporate cases. Two USB 2 ports on top for your convenience.0, one high-speed USB 3.0 and two 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones and microphone.

Formats include ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX motherboards, graphics cards up to 375mm in length and CPU coolers up to 150mm tall. Three 3.5” slots and one 2.5”. Those who work with optical drives will appreciate the 5.25″ slots.

80mm fan in the rear of the case. If the system requires more intensive cooling, you can install additional 120-140 mm fans on the front and side panels, and replace the rear fan with a 92 mm analogue.



Mid Tower

Steel thickness


Mainboard Support

ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX

5.25″ drive bays

1 open

Storage compartments

1 x 2.5,

3 x 3.5”

Expansion slots


Maximum length of graphics cards

350mm 375mm without front fan

I/O ports

1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, headphone and microphone jacks

Maximum height of CPU cooler



Front side: 1×120 mm not included

Side: 1×120/140mm not included

Rear: 1×80/92mm 80mm included


2.7 kg

Power supply

Standard ATX PSU, not included


195 W x 410 D x 411 H mm

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