ADATA new product to extend the battery life of mobile devices: PC500 portable battery

Taipei, Taiwan, March 27, 2014. – Today, ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of RAM modules and NAND flash memory products, introduces the PC500 Choice Series external battery, a bright and stylish accessory that increases battery life for smartphones and tablets.


As the popularity of mobile devices grows, the demand for external portable power sources increases. ADATA responded quickly to this trend and developed a new line of mobile accessories. The latest in the series is the 5000mAh PC500 portable lithium polymer battery – enough to charge the iPhone 5S 2.5 times. Provides up to 2.1A to significantly reduce charging time. In addition, the PC500 is equipped with a range of protection circuitry, including overcharging and overdischarging, short-circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, overheat protection and an auto shutdown function.

The battery is housed in a stylish, patterned case with an LED charge level indicator. The device comes in two colors, pink and turquoise, and comes with a handy case. 80-cm USB cable lets you charge mobile devices without removing the battery from your bag. Overall, the PC500 is not only a useful and handy device that can extend the battery life of modern handheld devices, but also a stylish accessory that will appeal to fashion-conscious users.

ADATA PC500 portable battery packs from the Choice series will be available from April 2014. Approximate retail price of 1999 Dollars.


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