ACME introduced a line of mobile peripherals for winter travelers

January 31, 2013. – ACME Europe, one of the largest suppliers of computer components and peripherals, home appliances and lighting in Central and Eastern Europe, has introduced a complete line of mobile peripherals and accessories Holiday line. The range, which includes self-contained speaker systems, portable batteries, bags for all kinds of devices, as well as a cleaning kit for touch screens will quickly pack your luggage and go to meet the vacation mood.

ACME holiday line speakers

During the winter holidays, many people don’t sit still – things get packed into suitcases, and hometowns are left out of the airplane’s rapidly taking off. What an adventure can do without favourite mobile gadgets which will not let you get bored on the way and will entertain a group of bored friends in a cosy country house! ACME holiday line line is designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts – it has everything you need to comfortably relax away from power outlets and full cell phone signal.

ACME holiday line speaker

ACME holiday line speakers are self-contained compact speakers for away parties, camping and other activities away from an electrical outlet. Available in the lineup are the SP101 miniature stereo pair with a combined power of 4 watts and the SP102 universal sound sphere with 2.5 watts. Both models feature lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and are powered by a USB connector.

Portable speakers will allow you to collectively enjoy quality amplified sound – watch movies with friends, or listen to music at full volume, without relying on weak integrated laptop speakers.

ACME 10M17 and 10M20 Bags

ACME holiday line of bags and cases includes small bags 10M17 and 10M20 for compact notebooks and tablets up to 10.1 inch in size. Both models are made of nylon, so they won’t get wet in rainy weather and will always be comfortable to touch. Bags offer multiple pockets and compartments for documents, cell phones or computer accessories. The 10M20 bag strap can be quickly turned into a convenient handle.

Universal battery charger ACME CH07

The new lineup includes the universal charger CH07. Designed for businessmen and active travelers, this new product lets you charge your mobile devices anywhere in the world – it comes with four interchangeable plugs for electrical outlets of different standards compatible with European, British, American, Australian and Chinese types of outlets . Two USB connectors for connecting gadgets are available at the output.

Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

In addition, as part of the holiday line are available portable kits for wiping Touchscreen surfaces Touchscreen Cleaning Kit – a novelty that will remove dirt and grease from your favorite device in seconds. Kit includes microfiber cloth and spray.

ACME holiday line products are already available on the American market and can be found in such major chains as “OGO”, “Tenth Dimension”, “Flash Computers”, “Poisk” shopping mall.

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