Acer X118HP, X128HP and X138WHP: Upgraded Home and Office Projectors Available Now

Acer introduced the renewed home and office projectors – X118HP, X128HP and X138WHP. The main difference of the new version – the maximum brightness, which has been raised to 4000 ANSI-lumen for all three models. With this and the 20,000:1 contrast ratio, the novelties retain full detail and high image quality in all lighting conditions.


Brilliance, clarity and detail

The new projectors are perfect for home theater and for presentations at work, because the brightness to 4000 ANSI-lumen and high contrast up to 20 000:1 ensures excellent projection quality and full legibility of the text, even in strong artificial or natural light. Also, to enhance image quality, the latest projectors incorporate DynamicBlack™ and Acer LumiSense™ technologies that analyze the content being displayed on the screen frame by frame and automatically select the appropriate brightness and contrast level.

The X118HP model supports native SVGA resolution 800 x 600 , the X128HP – XGA 1024 x 768 , and for the X138WHP “native” resolution is WXGA 1280 x 800 . Maximum resolution for all three projectors is WUXGA 1920 x 1200 . Also, all three projectors support 3D content when connected to compatible devices.

Color saturation and vision protection

ColorBoost3D™ technology adds vibrant, saturated detail to 2D and 3D content through a 6-segment color wheel and fine-tuning the projector lamp backlight level, while ColorSafe II technology retains the naturalness of all colors and controls image fading. Over time, many projectors lose their natural color reproduction, which shifts to the yellow part of the spectrum. Acer projectors with support of this technology are immune to image yellowing due to dynamic adjustment of RGB gamma, so even after many years of operation all tints on the projection remain natural and bright.

All three models also support Acer BlueLightShield™ technology, which significantly reduces radiation in the blue part of the spectrum and protects users’ eyesight from its negative effects. The main difference of this unique technology is that the image correction is very fine and does not lead to distortion of colors.



Easy installation and environmentally friendly

To reduce the number of cables required to operate the projectors and to speed up the preparation for presentations or to watch your favorite movie, all three novelties support wireless image transmission with special Acer dongle available separately . Also for maximum comfort they have a built-in 3W speaker, automatic image correction and automatic 180° rotation when ceiling mounted.

Acer is concerned about the environment and wants to help customers save resources, so all new projector models support EcoProjection technology. Thanks to the ExtremeECO feature, they automatically go into Eco Mode and shut down if they have not been connected to a video source for a long enough time. This allows reducing the power consumption of devices by 70%! This feature also helps to extend lamp life in projectors up to 10,000 hours. Lower noise operation up to 24dB is especially desirable in smaller rooms.

Price and affordability

Acer X118HP, X128HP and X138WHP projectors are available now. The recommended retail prices for X118HP, X128HP and X138WHP in America are 29,990, 32,990 and 36,990 Dollars respectively

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