Acer introduces Planet9, a next-generation eSports platform

Acer unveiled Planet9, a next-generation eSports platform, at its next@acer global press conference. Planet9 is an open community that allows gamers to build their team, train for high achievement, and compete for victory. It is currently in closed beta testing and will enter open beta testing on January 30, 2020.


“Planet9 is a state-of-the-art platform for cyber athletes that includes everything professional or novice players might need to improve their level and prepare for professional-level competitions,” said Andrew Chuang, general manager of cybersports, in the IT products division of Acer Corporation. – The Planet9 platform, built leveraging Acer’s strengths in hardware, software and services, will allow players from around the world to realize their experience”.

Planet9 opens up the world of eSports to all aspiring gamers, allowing them to learn from professionals, understand their strengths and weaknesses, connect with other gamers in the community and practice online tournaments.

Build your team

At the core of Planet9 are community features that allow gamers to meet and create interest groups. Participants can add friends, follow the publications of people they are interested in, and receive recommendations on who they can play with, depending on the game they are playing and their level. When it comes to teams, features such as chat room and game tactics sharing allow the group to bond and learn from each other.

Train for high scores

Planet9 provides a number of features to help gamers improve their skills: the ability to hire a coach for individual guidance, play alongside experienced gamers, devote more hours to practice with friends at similar levels, or view advanced game statistics to track their results:

– The Coach feature enables gamers to learn from professional and experienced players: Gamers can choose their ideal coach based on their stats, language, rating, and hourly rate. Coaches can view a gamer’s game stats to build a customized course, which is made easier with screen sharing and video/voice chat features, as well as VOD recordings to play back the moments that need improvement

– Carry enables gamers to work together in interest groups to level up, learn, and improve their gaming skills. Group hosts Hosts can embed their streams on Twitch or YouTube to attract gamers and fans to play together.

– Game Statisctics helps to present all of the gamer’s game statistics in a clear, colorful dashboard: based on wins, losses, enemies killed, lives lost, items acquired, gold mined, etc.d. selects the perfect trainer for the gamer, and draws conclusions about how to improve gameplay skills.

– Planet9’s Scrims feature offers interesting competitive types of training or challenges on the battlefield – with a clan team or tribe made up of multiple clans . The Clan Scrims feature allows clans to request a practice challenge against other clans, and the Tribe Wars feature allows tribes to participate in large-scale competitions organized each week for bonuses and benefits on Planet9.


Fight to win

Planet9 can serve as a platform for organizing tournaments of all kinds – from very small to large, sponsored or official – in which you can compete for the chance to win fame, renown and prizes. For matches or tournaments, the platform pairs players of the same level and so ensures fair competition. If you accumulate a sufficient number of victories, users can receive gifts and prizes.

Gamers who want to take part in the platform’s closed beta testing can register at, starting at 2:30pm on September 4, 2019 New York time .

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