Acer introduced a new projector for home H6522ABD

Acer has unveiled a new projector for the home, Acer H6522ABD. This novelty supports popular Full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution and features high brightness, high quality color rendering, built-in 3W speaker and long lamp life.


Great image quality

The main requirements for home theater projectors are brightness and picture quality, and the new model from Acer fully meets them. Full HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers stunning details when watching a Blu-ray movie or plugged into a modern gaming console. At the same time, high brightness up to 3500 ANSI-lumen and contrast ratio up to 10000:1 ensure that details and sharpness are maintained at an optimum level, both in brightly lit rooms, and in the “evening” cinema room with dim light. The H6522ABD includes LumiSense™ technology which analyzes and adjusts the brightness of each frame, so even dark areas can be viewed easily without straining the user’s vision.

Natural color rendering without burnout

The projector supports Acer ColorBoost3D™ technology responsible for lamp brightness and image processing, so projection colors remain bright and saturated with both 2D and 3D content, and a 6-segment color wheel ensures maximum naturalness of all colors. At the same time, Acer ColorSafe II technology protects this novelty from color fading, which over time affects many projectors on the market. Dynamic fine-tuning of the RGB gamma even after thousands of hours of use the colors on the projection do not deviate to the yellow or green gamma and remain as bright as when you first turn it on. The H6522ABD also has an HDMI port to connect to 3D content sources such as Blu-ray players so users can have a 3D home cinema experience 3D glasses sold separately .

The H6522ABD includes Acer BlueLightShield technology that protects human vision from harmful blue light without compromising image quality, and minimal delay when connecting to game consoles to provide instant feedback, especially important in 3-D shooters and racing simulators where split seconds make all the difference.



Easy installation and durability

Acer H6522ABD projector is designed for the quickest and most comfortable installation in any part of the room that the user decides to equip as a movie theater. This model supports ceiling installation ceiling mount sold separately with auto 180° image rotation and keystone correction. If necessary, the lamp can be easily replaced without dismantling the projector due to the lamp compartment on top of the case. The new product also has a built-in 3-watt speaker in case the user has not yet managed to buy an external audio system.

H6522ABD supports wireless dongle installation to reduce cable clutter in the screening room, connect to mobile sources via MHL, and operate seamlessly 24/7, useful for exhibit or gallery applications.

With support for EcoProjection technology it can reduce power consumption by 70% by automatically shutting down the projector if no signal is available. At the same time, EcoPro mode offers intelligent lamp brightness control to extend lamp life to 20,000 hours.

Price and affordability

The Acer H6522ABD projector is now available at a recommended retail price of 44,990 Dollars.

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