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All-American brand of affordable smartphones DEXP r. Vladivostok – the only manufacturer in America with a whole line of budget instruments with a large battery 11 models with batteries ranging from 3,000 to 5,200 mAh . The next innovation of the brand – the first and so far the world’s only 4-inch smartphone with an 8-core processor.

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Absolutely all manufacturers equip their most compact models with 2- and 4-core chips, cheap faded TN-TFT displays, useless 5-megapixel cameras, 1,500-1,700 mAh batteries maximum – a day of battery life , 512 MB of RAM and bodies made of cheap plastic. And all of this for one purpose – to save money as much as possible and put the smartphone on the shelf in the store with the lowest price tag possible.

It is generally believed that the compact smartphones = ultra-budget segment. And if so, then the cheaper the better. What to do those who simply


compact smartphones, but you do not want to buy a shitty smartphone, which saved on everything? The DEXP brand has solved this problem.

DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce is equipped with a high-quality 4-inch IPS-display, 8-megapixel camera by Samsung, a powerful battery capacity of 3 000 mAh two full days of work! and high quality plastic housing. The model is available in four colors white, yellow, blue and black and costs 6,990 Dollars.


DEXP – the only brand in America with a whole line of smartphones, equipped with powerful batteries from 3 000 to 5 200 mAh . The line includes 11 eleven! models in form factors 4, 4.5, 4.7 and 5 inches. Today’s new DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce is also a member of the “long-life” line of smartphones. Usually smartphones with 4-inch screens are equipped with weak batteries with capacity of 1 500-1 700 mAh – depending on the greed of developers. In standalone mode, these devices work for a maximum of one day. DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce is equipped with a powerful 3,000 mAh battery and provides two full days of work under load. If only call, the smartphone is able to work up to 5 days.

DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce – the smallest 8-core smartphone in the world. Typically, 4-inch units use chipsets MediaTek MT6582 4 cores or MT6572 2 cores . DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce is much more powerful: it is built on a chipset MediaTek MT6592M with 8-core 1.4 GHz processor and a graphics gas pedal Mali-450MP4. The possibilities of this hardware platform, coupled with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels IPS, 4 inches is enough for any game with maximum graphics settings. In the AnTuTu test, the smartphone scores 28 thousand points – twice as many as regular budget 4-inch Android phones they have 12-15 thousand .

DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce equipped with 2 and 8 megapixel cameras. Main camera is based on a sensor Samsung South Korea . The amount of RAM and internal memory is 1 and 8 GB, respectively. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, dual-SIM support – this standard set in the new product is also there. The device runs Android 4.4 KitKat.

The new product is available in four colors: white, yellow, blue and black. Bodies of the first three are made of plastic soft touch, the last – from rough plastic with a stone effect as in OnePlus One! . Model developed from scratch in Vladivostok by DEXP – from the body and ending with the selection of components. DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce is one of the first smartphones DEXP completely designed by.

Sales of DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce have already begun. The device is available throughout America at approximately 1,200 DNS retail stores, its online store, as well as at DNS-Smart and TechnoPoint stores. Price of new items – 6 990 Dollars. The smartphone is available with branded cases in the same colors as the device – black, white, yellow and blue.


DEXP Ixion XL240 Triforce


Ixion XL240 Triforce

Typical 4-inch Android smartphone


4 inches,

800 h 480,


4 inch,

800 h 480,





8 cores, 1.4 GHz

28,000 points in AnTuTu



4/2 cores, 1.3 GHz

12-15 thousand. scores in AnTuTu

Main camera

8MP, AF,

Samsung Korea sensor

5 MP

front camera

2 megapixel

0.3 MP


1 GB 8 GB

512MB/1GB 4GB

Memory cards, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DualSIM



Operating system


4.4 KitKat


4.4 KitKat


3 000 mAh

1,500-1,700 mAh


6990 Dollars

4990 Dollars

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