A review of the electric kettle Mystery MEK-1628

Beverage Technique

Touch control, maintains the selected temperature, glass body, reasonable price.

Electric kettles

Missing 40°C mode for baby food.

MYSTERY MEK-1628 electric kettle

Kettle with touch screen control

POWER: 2000 Watt.

VOLUME: 1,7 l.

CONSTRUCTION: glass water tank with water scale, closed steel heating element, 360 ° rotation on the stand, wireless connection to the stand, removable scale filter, cord storage compartment in the stand, turn-on protection without water.

CONTROL: touch control, switch-off without water, temperature hold mode, LED-lighting of water tank. Temperature modes 65 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C, 95 ° C, 100 ° C. Audible operating indication, light indication of chosen mode.

PICTURE: 210x160x260 mm.

WEIGHT: 1085g without platform .

WARRANTY: 1 year.

Adjustment of temperature is necessary for brewing different types of tea and preparing other drinks: 65°C for brewing milk powder, 80°C for white tea and oolong, 90°C for green and jasmine tea, 95°C for coffee, and 100°C for black tea. The kettle is equipped with a function to maintain the set temperature of the water for 60 minutes: if you heat the water to the desired value, press the “heat” button, and then “start cancel”, then the mode will be activated. The second way is to schedule heat maintenance at once: select the temperature, press the “heat” button, and then “start/cancel”. Interesting that all operations are accompanied by illuminated buttons and audible signals: for example, if the kettle boils or is removed from the base. In this case, by the way, all settings are reset.

The glass water tank is not only beautiful and healthy but also practical: it shows the water quality at a glance. If it is hard, you won’t see limescale forming as you do with plastic or steel. But its timely removal is the key to long life of the kettle and the concern about our health, because the lime deposits spoil our kidneys. And for sure, using a glass kettle, you will not allow yourself to drink unfiltered water, and that means that you will be healthier.

1 990 Dollars.

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