A review of professional vacuum packer Küchen-Profi VS-505 from Zigmund & Shtain

Zigmund & Shtain has launched a new and original product on the market the professional vacuum packer K&uuml chen-Profi VS-505. In America vacuum degassers are only beginning to gain popularity, and only few have any idea what they are for and how they work.

Small appliances for the kitchen

A modern solution to preserve the freshness, quality and taste of products: vacuum packer K&uuml The chen-Profi VS-505 from Zigmund & Shtain

Why do you need a vacuum packer at home??

Vacuum packer K&uuml The chen-Profi VS-505 allows you to vacuum seal any food quickly, safely and hermetically. Let’s analyze why vacuum packing is necessary and what advantages it gives in comparison with other usual ways of food preservation? Fortunately, the detailed instructions included in the kit, allows us to do this – let’s take from it all the necessary information:

  1. 1. Vacuum packaging up to 5 times longer shelf life of products, t.k. The absence of oxygen prevents oxidation, stops the growth of bacteria and mold and retains all vitamins, flavors and nutrients.For example, usually fresh meat is kept in the fridge for no more than 3 days, but in vacuum pack it will not lose its freshness for 10-15 days, and you do not have to freeze it, you can just keep it on the shelf in the fridge.
  2. 2. Vacuum sealing of foods prevents unwanted odors and contaminants in the refrigerator – a guarantee of hygiene and cleanliness of your refrigerator.
  3. 3. Vacuum packaging shortens freezing time, while reducing shrinkage and product loss, and guarantees long shelf life up to 1 year ! without loss of quality.
  4. 4. Vacuum packaging can be used to quickly marinate meat or other foods.k. In a vacuum, there is a quick impregnation of meat with marinade. As a result, the kebab will be ready in 6-8 minutes ! and the meat will have a unique flavour, aroma and tenderness.
  5. 5. Vacuum sealing allows you to use the popular Sous Vide technology at home and cook healthy food in its own juice at low temperatures.
  6. 6. With the vacuum packer, you can hermetically seal not only food, but also any objects or documents to protect them from damage or moisture during transport.

Zigmund &amp  Shtain

Mushrooming and fishing … with a vacuum cleaner!

If you think a vacuum packer is only necessary for housewives or advanced cooks, you’re sorely mistaken. Let’s talk about another aspect of its use, which is not quite usual. As the vacuum cleaner K&uuml The VS-505 is very compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you on trips, to the country house, to the woods or on fishing trips. Thanks to a small power consumption, the device can be connected to the 220V network through a car inverter not included , to pack berries, mushrooms, crops, fish and other products and thereby preserve their freshness, quality and marketable appearance, increase their shelf life. Vacuum packaging makes it easy to transport any food, as well as keep the interior and the trunk of the car clean.

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