New York, June 18, 2014.

Thrustmaster presents its new steering system – a replica of the racing steering wheel Ferrari with an official license. Gamers can now experience the power and smooth ride of the original Ferrari 458 Challenge steering wheel.

Computers and peripherals

Styling as a Ferrari GT race car

Performance, dynamics and accuracy of T300 Ferrari GTE system – the parameters that help users improve their racing skills and break records – mimic the performance of the wheel of the famous Ferrari 458 Challenge race car. T300 Ferrari GTE steering system – 7:10 scale replica of a real steering wheel from a famous racing car, which is decorating the racetracks all over the world.

The T300 Ferrari GTE racing simulator is officially licensed for PlayStation®3 PS3 and PlayStation®4 PS4 , and is also compatible with PC. Many passionate racers across platforms will appreciate this advantage. The mechanism of the system combines the power of an industrial-grade brushless motor with power feedback operating without friction with a dual-track, new 1080° system.

They deliver exceptional responsiveness, realistic power effects and super smooth sailing. Maximum cleverness of detail can be seen in the design of the pedal block with adjustable metal pedals that support 6 different positions for each pedal, and in the angle of steering adjustable from 270 ° to 1080 ° and even in the steering axis, which is designed with technology H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology® with a non-contact magnetic sensor designed for 16-bit resolution with 65,536 values per turn.


Designed for advanced riders.

In both the real and virtual worlds, racers know that a car’s potential is important for good performance. The Ferrari 458 Challenge race car is unique in this respect, and the T300 Ferrari GTE steering system is modeled after it, allowing gamers to take the most dangerous courses on a perfectly precise path.

Computers and Peripherals
Computers & Peripherals

The system includes a universal, removable 28cm/11″ steering wheel with a reinforced textured rubber coating over the entire surface. The racer has all the necessary tools of the professional level: 6 function buttons, 1 multi-position switch, 1 switch Manettino and 2 large sequential paddle shifters that rotate with the steering wheel. In addition, there are PS, SHARE and OPTIONS buttons directly on the steering wheel, which can be used to directly use the new communication features on the PS4 console.

Computers and peripherals

T300 Ferrari GTE system steering wheel base offers 2 function buttons, built-in memory, upgradeable firmware thanks to PC compatibility which means constant access to the latest updates and a switch for PS4/PS3 systems.

For maximum rider interaction with the steering system, the extensive product line-up includes the T300 Ferrari GTE, thanks to its compatibility with the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on* and T500 RS* GT Wheel, the Base Fixed Paddle Shifters kit* fixed switches that can be attached to the handlebar base , Thrustmaster 3-pedal boxes T3PA* and T500 RS* and TH8A* and TH8RS* gearboxes.



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