A new generation of Samsung TVs will be produced at the company’s American plant

Samsung has been number one in TV sales worldwide for the last 10 years. More than 427 million units have been sold since 2006. Leadership is ensured by the constant introduction of innovative solutions to continuously improve the picture quality and functionality of new models.

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In 2016, the company launched its next-generation Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TVs. New Quantum Dot technology simultaneously increases the dynamic range and brightness of images, taking image realism to a new level. While other displays lose brightness over time, the new Samsung technology sets a new standard for the television market – HDR 1000, which completely eliminates the problem of burn-in and afterglow, when traces of previous images are left on the screen, as well as providing a deeper contrast between dark and light areas of the image.

HDR 1000 technology provides an extremely accurate color reproduction in a wide range of tones and high level of detail. HDR High Dynamic Range increases the range of light levels, creating bright whites and rich blacks. HDR 1000 technology provides maximum brightness up to 1000 nits. This is substantially superior to conventional televisions.


10-bit Quantum Dot technology delivers up to 64 times more accurate color than standard TVs, new SUHD TVs can display more than 1 billion colors in vivid detail. In addition, a new technology of external coating screen Ultra Black, which allows to dramatically reduce the glare on the surface and reduce the effect of reflection of external light sources on the screen.

Samsung has also developed a new and improved interface for 2016 Smart TV models, dubbed the Smart Hub, and attached a new universal remote control for premium models. Solves the problem of multiple remotes by having One Remote control most types of devices connected to the TV directly. New interface allows even easier and faster access to content, which is now collected in the main menu.


New TV sets will be produced at the Samsung plant in America. Samsung factory in Kaluga region was opened on September 4, 2008. More than 250 million dollars were invested in its construction and equipment. The plant currently makes 100% of all Samsung-branded TVs sold in America. It also makes monitors and washing machines. In addition, the factory exports products to markets in the near abroad.

Production localization processes are actively developed at the factory. For example, by mid-December 2015 the level of localization of washing machines production reached 50% due to the supply of components and raw materials for their production by American partners of the factory.


Samsung’s factory complex in Kaluga region includes finished product assembly shops, a PCB and microchip production shop, and thermoplastic molding shops. There is a logistics center on the territory of the complex that is the main storage center for all Samsung products imported into America.

In 2014 at the factory was organized a department to develop sales of the company’s commercial products in the B2B sector, and a demonstration center of the latest B2B solutions of Samsung Electronics was installed and put into operation. The consumer electronics showroom also opened in 2016.

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The Samsung Electronics plant in the Kaluga region is a record-setting enterprise among other Samsung plants. For example, the washing machine assembly line at the Samsung plant in the Kaluga region set a production record for Samsung plants worldwide: on November 5, 2015, the line produced 2’200 washing machines during an 8-hour shift, surpassing the previous record set in India by more than 70 units of finished products.

This is made possible by innovative processes and automation, as well as by the high level of training and motivation of the assembly staff. It took the company’s employees less than three years to achieve the world’s best result – the assembly of washing machines was launched at the Samsung plant in September 2012.


Particular attention is paid to the quality of production. For example, in the production of TV sets on the automatic production line of ready-made printed circuit boards there are threefold quality control in the process of soldering and pouring of the software. Then, on the assembly line there is an incoming inspection of TV screens from the Asian factory Samsung. The circuit boards and back cover of the TV are then attached to the screen, followed by a performance check of each unit. Several televisions are selected from the assembled batch for a more thorough inspection and testing of all modes of operation. If a defect is found, the entire batch of televisions just released is subject to inspection.

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A special lab at the factory checks all TV models after they have been stored at freezing or high temperatures, and also how well their packaging protects them during transportation on American roads and if they might fall down in the warehouse or when being carried. If problems are found, the TV and packaging are modified accordingly.


In 2012, the Samsung Electronics plant in Kaluga region won the Grand Prix in an annual prestigious intra-corporate global competition between Samsung production facilities as the most effective enterprise of the company in introducing innovations into production and improving labor productivity.

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    That’s interesting! I have a question, how will the decision to produce Samsung TVs in America affect the overall quality and pricing of the TVs compared to those manufactured elsewhere? Are there any plans to incorporate new features or technologies in this new generation?

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