A new era in laundry care: Bosch presents the poweusaul and compact Sensixx steam station TDS38

Bosch presents the new Steam Station Seensixx TDS38 – the epitome of innovation and efficiency. Taking care of clothes and laundry has become even easier and more comfortable thanks to the latest technology, ergonomic design, a set of automatic programs for different types of fabric, high power and enhanced steam impact. These are just some of the many benefits. Highly creased, over-dried or heavily folded – no matter what condition they end up on the ironing board. The result is always smooth, the laundry is smoothed to perfection. The unique CeraniumGlissee ceramic soleplate ensures easy gliding and scratch resistance on all kinds of textiles while the innovative Calc’nClean Perfect limescale removal technology ensures long, troublefree appliance life.

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Steam Station irons

Bosch Sensixx TDS38 Compact Steam Station

► 3100 Watt high power – instant heat-up and fast recovery after steam release

Steam stroke at 400 g/min for smoothing heavily creased, over-dried and multi-layered garments

Eight automatic programs – optimised for every type of fabric

► New Calc’nClean Perfect limescale protection system and scratch resistant CeraniumGlissee soleplate – a guarantee of high lifetime

Bosch presents the new Seensixx TDS38 steam station – the epitome of innovation and efficiency. Taking care of clothes and clothes is easier and more comfortable thanks to the latest technology, ergonomic design, automatic programs for different fabrics, high power and enhanced steam impact. These are not all the advantages of the new model. Highly creased, over-dried or double folded garments, no matter what condition they end up on the ironing board. The result is always impeccable – perfectly ironed. The unique ceramic CeraniumGlissee iron soleplate ensures easy gliding on all fabrics and scratch resistance, while the innovative Calc’nClean Perfect descaling technology guarantees long, faultless appliance life.

When it comes to ironing, it’s up to the professional

Superior comfort and ease of use – a hallmark of Bosch appliances. The new Sensix TDS38 steam station is no exception.

A 360 degree rotary dial makes it easy to select from 8 automatic ironing modes or start the Calc’nClean Descaling programme. The list of automatic modes of the VarioComfort operating system includes: “Linen, Denim, Silk, Wool, Synthetic and Cotton. i-mode for those who don’t want to waste time sorting the laundry by fabric type-

Temp. It automatically keeps the steam temperature and flow rate at the optimal level for your products.

The Sensix TDS38 steam station offers you something extra!. It’s no secret that ironing dark and delicate fabrics is a challenge, as a regular iron can leave an unwanted sheen on them. Unique AntiShine feature solves this problem completely: even the most hard-to-iron clothes will look like new after every ironing.

The Calc’nClean Perfect feature cleans the steam station heating element, ensuring you a longer, more reliable life – even with hard water.

The innovative CeraniumGlissee soleplate not only ensures perfect gliding properties on all kinds of textiles, it is also scratch resistant and safe even when the steam station is used very intensively.

Linen care from A to Z

Bosch is always striving to exceed consumer expectations and when developing its products, it uses innovative technology and design to set the quality standard for the entire industry. Sensixx TDS38 ushers in a new era in laundry care, bringing you convenience and ironing performance that previously only professional appliance could offer.

The compact Bosch Sensixx TDS38 steam station handles even the toughest of tasks – over-dried fabrics, folded sheets, and of course the vertical steam of clothes right on the hanger. The high steam station output of 120 g/min in constant steam mode and up to 400 g/min in steam impact mode guarantees flawless results. 3100W heating capacity allows fast return to operating temperature after steam discharge. A special economizer mode reduces the overall energy consumption by 30%, helping the user to cut down on energy costs and do their bit for the environment.

Harmony of style and comfort

The steam station is small in size and space-saving, since it requires minimal storage space. The compact body makes it easy to store and carry the appliance, and the unique SecureLock attachment system securely locks the iron to the station while turning it into a handy handle.

Its design is the epitome of practicality and comfort. Intuitive icons and captions in American let everyone control the appliance. The Sensixx TDS38’s sleek lines make it the perfect match for your other Bosch household appliances: Series 6 washing machines and tumble dryers. Fitted side-by-side, they give a nice decoration and accentuate the good taste of their owner.

With the Bosch Sensixx TDS38 you can rest assured that your favourite items will last longer, always looking their best, and that household chores will be a pleasure and less time-consuming chore.

Specific features


Technical Specifications

retail price

Bosch Sensixx TDS38311RU

Color: white silver

Power output: max 3100 W

Steam Boost: 400g/min

8 automatic modes for ironing:

Silk, Denim, Wool, Synthetics,


i-Temp mode for all kinds of fabrics Automatic AntiShine program for dark and delicate fabrics soleplate: CeraniumGlissee Steam: 120g/min

Limescale protection system Calc’nClean Perfect Cord: 1.9 m

15 990 Dollars.

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