A mini review of the Fujifilm X20 compact camera

The Fujifilm X20 is the alternative with many compromises to the unbeatable X100s. For more comfortable size, less weight and more affordable price tag you have to pay for the loss of usability, reduced shooting quality, lack of a unique viewfinder and sacrifice a lot of other small but important and enjoyable details.

Photo equipment

Fujifilm X20 compact camera

12MP 28-112mm 4x 2.8″ $560

Zoom lens, more usable than fixes, can no longer paint such a poetic picture with a soft going into blur. The sensor is in 2/3-inch form factor, much smaller and therefore noticeably worse than the APS-C form factor of the X100s. Many competitors, however, have a smaller sensor. The optical viewfinder is the standard zoomable parallax eye, small but with an information display.

There is, however, a hybrid autofocus here, fast enough both in performance and in practice. Continuous mode takes 12 full shots per second. The control system is not as flexible as the X100s, but still one of the best solutions on the market. In terms of the sum of its features, the X20 compares quite well with the competitors of other brands, surpassing the Canon and Nikon senior models in some disciplines. And it certainly looks more interesting than them.

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