A healthy atmosphere in your home and office with the Ballu UHB-195 humidifier

Industrial group Ballu, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air conditioning and engineering equipment, presents in the American market an ultrasonic humidifier Ballu UHB-195. This high-tech device with a unique design will not only be a stylish element of any modern interior, but also a source of vivacity, good mood and strong immunity.



Climate equipment

Ultrasonic humidifier Ballu UHB-195

High performance device 360 ml/hour to quickly create a healthy microclimate in homes and offices up to 40 square meters in size.m. Smooth transitions and original shape makes the humidifier not only a climatic device, but also a stylish decorative element.

“Many managers do not realize that low relative humidity in winter is one of the reasons for increased fatigue, decreased efficiency and frequent employee illnesses. Dry air – a favorable environment for viruses, – says Alexander Galkin, Ballu expert. – This causes eye irritation and drying of the mucous membranes, thus reducing the protective barrier against colds. Optimal humidity level 40-60% in offices has been proven to increase productivity and reduce call-outs during flu epidemics.

The Ballu UHB-195 humidifies the air due to the finely dispersed drops of water obtained through an ultrasonic membrane. Quiet, economical and safe way to saturate the room with moisture.

The humidifier has a simple and intuitive touch control. In addition, you can control the device with the remote control that comes with the. Can be set to timer for up to 8 hours if necessary. Users can also choose the speed of humidification.

The humidifier has a water tank with a capacity of 3,1 l. Thanks to the exchangeable filter FC-400 with the ion exchange resin for cleaning and softening water removal of hardness salts the tank can be filled directly from the tap. Usable service life of such a cartridge is more than 150 liters.

In the base of the humidifier built-in sensor “Floor sensor”, which automatically shuts down the unit if tipped or placed on an uneven surface.

Aroma oil capsule located in the bottom of the device: Just add a few drops of essential oil to fill the room with your favorite flavor. Choosing essential oils according to their healing effect, the user can arrange aromatherapy sessions for relaxation, normalization of sleep, stress relief or immunity improvement.

The Ballu UHB-195 humidifier is already available at home appliance retailers and online stores.

Recommended price – from 4889 Dollars.


Humidifying capacity

up to 360 g/h

Supply voltage


Rated power


Rated current

0.2 A

Water tank

3.1 l

Noise level

More than 35

Recommended room area

Up to 40 m²

Weatherproof version


Electrical protection class

II class

Unit dimensions WxHxD

220x815x220 mm

Package dimensions WxHxH

220x855x220 mm

Net Weight


Gross weight

2,9 kg

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