A call from the police, which will leave without money: a new scheme of telephone divorce

In February 2021 Roskachevo came across a new scheme of telephone fraud. Although the scenario with a call allegedly from bank security service still works and, of course, brings profit to intruders, public awareness of this scheme increases, and scammers have to come up with new variants. One of them is described by the experts from the Roskachestvo Center for Digital Expertise, so that you know your enemy by sight and are ready for such an unexpected and unpleasant incoming call.



Complicated, two-step scenario starts with a call from a fake representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With the help of special means of IP-telephony the number of an intruder can be spoofed and look like a real phone number of one of the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The fake policeman will tell you about the increasing incidence of fraud or data leakage from known banks and will inform you about the risk to the customer’s money account – you. He will stress that the conversation itself must be kept secret from all family members and friends, as it is an “investigative secret”. The scammer will also remind you of the need to comply with security rules, namely, that you can’t tell anyone the code from the SMS for persuasion . Suppose you believe it and become interested. What happens next?

Having developed a certain credibility, fake police officer says that it is necessary to carry out a series of measures to combat fraudsters and for this purpose he transfers you to the second person, “employee of the Central Bank” or “security service” in fact – to the same criminal, just like him . Further everything develops according to the classical scenario: you will be asked either to install on your phone a special application for remote access, through which the intruders gain access to the mobile bank, or create a “protected” account and transfer the money to it. If you fall for it, you’ll end up with a blank account and regret.

In another variant of the scheme, the scammers switch places: The “policeman” is connected only after the victim talks to the classic “bank security officer”. After the victim refuses to comply with offers to apply for an online loan or install an application, or to say the code from an SMS and other things, the calling “policeman” persuades his fake colleague from the bank’s security service to obey.

Congratulations, you are now aware of this scheme and are unlikely to fall for it!


● The police won’t call you to talk about your bank account and data leaks, and they certainly won’t discuss such details during a phone conversation. All conversations of this nature usually take place in person.

The police do not refer calls to the Central Bank or to bank security. Similarly, bank security will not call you on their own with offers to protect your account.

Any conversation on the phone about the money, which begins with a stranger, any request to transfer money somewhere, something to install, you must immediately

finish. End the call and call your bank back at the number on the back of your card to find out more about what happened and to report the suspicious call. You are most likely being scammed.

Don’t give your card details to anyone over the phone. Don’t respond to intimidation or push-back offers. Especially if you are being rushed to a decision – hang up.

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of an unlawful act, immediately call 102 to report the incident to the police. Don’t spare time to formalize the fact of a crime – it can save someone’s wallet.

Anton Kukanov, Head of Roskachevo Digital Expertise Center.

“This information will help you avoid other, similar divorce schemes. Scammers can get to you in any way, offer you anything, changing the number and even the voice. Be careful with any financial transfers and double-check information. If you suddenly receive a suspicious call – enter the key spoken words into your search engine and see what you get – it may be that a similar scam scheme has already happened to you and was described by someone else. This will protect you from rash answers and rash decisions.”

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