5 centrifugal juicers: not only for apples

The centrifugal juicers will soon stop gathering dust on the shelves: the apples are turning red on the branches. So the day is near when the cheerful whirring of working engines will sound and the aromatic juice will flow into bottles and jars to keep the warmth and carefree summer for the long winter.


We have studied user manuals, user reviews, expert reviews and selected 5 centrifugal juicers that will help you cope with a big harvest, and every day to juice carrots, oranges and even grapes.

Philips Avance Collection HR1922/20 centrifugal juicer

Philips Avance Collection HR1922


Suitable for juicing pineapples, beets, celery root, apples, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, melons, tomatoes, oranges, grapes, pomegranates, leafy greens leaves and stems , cherries, plums, peaches – pitted, ginger sliced 3×3 cm.

You can’t juice too hard or fibrous/starchy vegetables like sugar cane, bananas, papaya, avocado, figs, mangoes.

Presses up to 3L of juice without emptying juice hopper.


Has adjustable softness level fiberBoost technology .

2 speeds: 1 for juicing with less pulp, 2 for juicing with more pulp.

Mechanism “Drop-stop” – you need to turn the spout clockwise by 120 degrees, so that the juice drops do not fall on the countertop.


Power: Maximum power up to 1200 watts.

Dispenser: 80mm diameter hole.

Pulp container: transparent, capacity 2.1 l.

Jug: made of plastic, volume 1 l.

Noise level: 70dB.

Care: QuickClean technology, pre-cleaning function, dishwasher safe.

Features: rounded mesh shape for greater extraction, cord storage compartment, non-slip feet, 1 meter cord length.

Safety: overheating protection with automatic shut-off in this case a break of 15 minutes is sufficient . .

Accessories: jug, recipe booklet.

Dimensions: 296×250×432 mm.

Warranty: 2 years.

Country of Origin: China.

Philips Avance Collection HR1922


This juicer is suitable for daily use and for making juices for the winter.

Although the manufacturer indicates that you can strain three liters of juice and then clean the bowl of pulp, in practice, the situation is as follows: a liter of juice, pause in the work, clean the bowl, assembly, continuation of work. For daily cooking – a liter is quite sufficient volume, in the autumn processing of apples, such an approach can be annoying.

Wide neck allows you to not chop carrots, small beets and medium-sized apples. So you don’t have to sit and chop kilos of raw materials.

Since the juicer has an internal pulp container, it needs to be dismantled and reassembled often. On the one hand, it is uncomfortable. But on the other hand, even juicers with a freestanding container still have to be dismantled frequently, since some of the pulp remains on the inner parts and clogs the drain into the container. Therefore, we do not consider this arrangement a disadvantage – it is a feature that should be taken into account.

What is important: the juicer is compact enough and takes little space when stored. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Can be used both for daily brews and for autumnal preparations, wide mouth, convenient design.

Frequent interruptions when preparing large amounts of juice.

Bosch VitaJuice 3700 W MES3500 centrifugal juicer

Bosch VitaJuice 3700 W MES3500


Suitable for juicing fruit such as apples, pears, plums, pitted cherries and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots. Leaves and stems can be pressed.

Not suitable for processing very hard, coarse-fibrous or starchy fruits and vegetables such as sugar cane, bananas, papaya, avocados, figs, mangoes.

Working time: 10 minutes.


2 modes: 1 for soft fruits/vegetables, 2 for solid products.

Drop-stop mechanism.

Indication of power on, operation mode, selected speed.


Powerful: Max power up to 700 W.

Juicing chamber: 73 mm diameter hole.

Chips container: Removable, capacity of 2 liters.

Jug: Plastic, 1.25 l capacity, foam eliminator.

Noise level: m.d.

Care: All removable parts can be washed in dishwasher.

Features: Stainless steel strainer, die-cast aluminum lid locks, drain spout and stainless steel body, cord compartment, 1m cord length, rubber suction feet.

Safety: the motor does not turn on if the juicer is not assembled correctly, automatically turns off when the lid is opened SafetyStop function , in case of overheating.

Accessories: jug, cleaning brush.

Dimensions: 312×310×180 mm.

Guarantee: 1 year.

Country of Origin: China.

Bosch VitaJuice 3700 W MES3500


Juicer with separate pulp container.

Two spin modes: for juicing soft and hard vegetables.

The jug is made of quality food plastic, which does not contain any harmful additives. There is a defoamer which allows you to drink the juice pure.

The juicer stands firmly on the surface thanks to its clamping legs.

Also suitable for everyday juicing of different products and for autumn jams.

Some users complain that the cake is very soft and even juicy and there are whole pieces of fruit. It is possible to avoid it if to switch on the first speed and not to push fruits or vegetables sharply, but only to hold them by the pusher. Well and it is necessary to remember also that from many kinds of apples the juice is separated badly, it is easier and more correct to prepare from them a mashed potato.

High-quality materials, large capacity cake container, wide neck.

It is very difficult to clean the strainer from the food leftovers.

Panasonic MJ-DJ31 centrifugal juicer

Panasonic MJ-DJ31

The features

Suitable for those who are thinking about buying a juicer and blender, as included jug-blender with a knife and grinding attachment. In this review we will tell in detail about the juicer’s features.

For juicing fruit such as apples, pears, plums and pitted cherries as well as vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots. Leaves and stems can be pressed.

Not recommended for soft fruits that can form a mashed potato, e.g. bananas, peaches, apricots. Not suitable for processing very hard fruits and vegetables such as sugar cane, coconut, etc.p.

Run time: 2 minutes on/off./ 2 minutes off.


2 modes: 1 for soft fruits/vegetables, 2 – for hard products.

Drip-stop mechanism: the spout can be raised, so that the juice does not drip on the countertop.


Power: up to a maximum of 800 W.

Pitcher: 75 mm in diameter.

Pulp container: removable, 2L capacity.

Jug: made of plastic, volume 1, 5 l, foam eliminator.

Noise level: m.d.

Care: hand wash all removable parts with normal dishwashing detergent.

Features: metal centrifuge with S-shaped blade, drain spout with the ability to turn 120 degrees, anti-slip feet.

Safe: automatic shut off in case of overload.

Accessories: blender, shredder.

Dimensions: 216×305×384mm.

Warranty: 1 year.

Country of Origin: Malaysia.

Braun J500 Black


It is possible to juice apples, pears, carrots, beets, leafy vegetables cabbage, spinach, herbs , soft fruits like citrus and kiwi, grapes, plums and peaches pitted , melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, berries in the mixed juices .

It is not recommended to juice rhubarb, bananas, mangoes, papaya, avocado and figs or very hard and fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Working time: 15 min./ 5 kg of raw materials .


2 modes: 1 for soft fruits/vegetables, 2 for hard foods.

Drip-stop mechanism: the spout can be lifted to prevent the juice from dripping onto the worktop.


Power: up to a maximum of 900 W.

Dish: round opening, diameter – n.d.

Chopper: removable, capacity 2 liters.

Jug: made of plastic, volume 1, 25 liters, foam cutter.

Noise level: m.d.

Care: wash all removable parts in dishwasher or by hand using normal dishwashing detergent.

Special features: stainless steel centrifuge, rubberized feet.

Safe: automatic shutdown in case of overheating, will not turn on if the lid is not closed.

Accessories: scraping brush.

Dimensions: n.d.

Guarantee: 2 years.

Country of Origin: China.

Braun J500 Black


Note the claimed long working time of 15 minutes. In this time it is possible to turn several kilograms of apples into juice, which is important if there are many of them. It is convenient to use the juicer for everyday juicing of different fruits and vegetables.

Uncomfortable that there is no information about the diameter of the hopper and the dimensions of the device. But it has a 2 year warranty and you can use the dishwasher to wash your accessories.

Long operating time without interruption, easy to use.

No information about dimensions, noise level and diameter of the hopper.

Aksion SC32 centrifugal juicer.02 Juice



Designed for:

  • Fresh vegetables carrots, beets, etc. can be juiced. , fruits apples, pears, etc. , vegetables, fruit apples, pears, etc. and tomatoes. and berries sea buckthorn, blackthorn, cranberries
  • Cutting of fruits and vegetables into slices
  • chopping of fruits and vegetables.

The manufacturer claims that you can get 0.5 liters of juice from 1 kg of hard fruits or vegetables: apples, pears, carrots, beets, celery, pumpkins. Production capacity: up to 30 kg of apples per hour. Squeezing performance of 50%.


1 speed, mechanical selector switch.


Power: 250 W. Speed of rotation: 2700 rpm./minute.

Service chamber: 6.0 cm diameter hole for half an apple .

Jug: made of plastic, 1 liter with the foam eliminator.

Noise level: 0.d.

Care: All removable parts can be washed by hand with normal dishwashing detergent.

Features: stainless steel centrifuge, aluminum drum, asynchronous motor, rubberized feet, 1.5 m cord length, cord storage, manual cake ejector handle.

Safe: automatic shut off in case of overheating.

Accessories: disc for shredding and slicing, juice glass.

Dimensions: 230×290×250 mm.

Warranty: 2 years.

Country of Origin: America.



This simple juicer is designed to be used for fall harvesting. It can be used not only to juice fruits and vegetables but also to chop vegetables for different salads. There is no limit to the operating time, but you will have to periodically unplug the device to clean the space under the lid of the accumulated pulp. While juicing, it is necessary to periodically press the ejector handle to send the pulp to the cup. The manufacturer recommends to be guided by the level of vibration of the juicer and the amount of product: squeeze the juice from 300-400 grams of product, press the handle and continue to squeeze juice on.

It comes with only one cup, which can be used either for juice or for cake, as you prefer.

The hole for feeding products is not rounded, designed for half an apple, you do not have to finely chop products.

The possibility of juicing a large amount of products, the possibility of shredding vegetables.

Theoretically, this juicer can be used for everyday juicing, but most likely it will work only for large harvests and when cooking home preserves.

Which centrifugal juicer do you like best??

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