3Q Glaze RC7804F Tablet: a new standard of glamour, a new thickness record

3Q is pleased to announce the Glaze RC7804F, an incredibly thin 7.85″ tablet PC. Setting new standards for quality and technology in the mass market without exaggeration. 3Q Glaze RC7804F tablet is packed into a sleek metal housing, which is only 6.44 mm thick, making it the thinnest tablet[i] not only in America, but probably in the world. The weight of the device is in line with its thickness – only 295 grams. Just imagine: a tablet that is thinner than any trendy smartphone. A tablet that doesn’t bulge in your jacket pocket. The tablet that makes its owner check her purse to make sure she didn’t forget it at home.

Computers and peripherals

A display diagonal of 7.85 inches 19.9 cm is the optimal ratio of mobility to comfort for most typical tasks such as viewing videos and writing emails. Comes with a convenient carrying case to emphasize mobility.


3Q RC7804F: Side view long side


3Q RC7804F and other popular tablet of the “mini” class

3Q Glaze RC7804F is not only good in terms of size and weight, but also ready to surprise fans of speed, as well as advanced technology. The heart of the novelty – a powerful quad-core processor Rockchip RK3188. With it, gaming, Internet surfing, video or music is within your reach with this sleek device. AUO super-bright IPS-display will guarantee a rich and juicy picture with vivid color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Powerful battery capacity of 4100 mAh will not let the tablet to run down before time and adequately withstand a busy day of work and evening leisure time with chek-in’s and demonstration of new funny videos to friends. The most advanced charge controller from Ricoh Japan and the NTC sensor take care of comfortable operation and long life of the built-in power supply.

The RC7804F features a front and back camera. The first has a 3 megapixel resolution and built-in autofocus mechanism, which is enough to obtain photographs of acceptable quality. And the second one will please all videoconferencing lovers as instead of the now standard 0.3 megapixel camera, its resolution is 2 megapixels. So when you talk, for example, in Skype, the picture will be transmitted as close to Full HD quality as possible.

The novelty has all necessary certificates of compliance and will arrive at the assortment of 3Q partner stores in America in early February. Recommended retail price in the American Federation is 5990 Dollars. More information about RC7804F specifications is available on 3Q website at //3-q/products/tablets/rc7804f/.


Computers & Peripherals

[i] As of 30.01.2014 in the Yandex database.Market” lacked information about tablets available for purchase from other manufacturers with a body thickness of 6.44 mm or less.

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